We like to define ourselves as a group of Spirit-Led believers that want to see the Kingdom of God grow and bear the image of our Lord in rural America. We do not consider ourselves experts on the area of outreach but have a network of believers throughout the U.S. that are seeing lives changed when the Local church becomes pro-active. Although we have a structure, and various ways we've helped other cities, each community is unique in itself. Here is a basic outline of how we help revive the vision God has for Rural towns. 

1. Pray for and encourage local leaders to dream again for their city and find keys to unlock the vision God has for the community.

2. Begin to implement a strategy to make the vision a reality. This can come in various forms such as City wide outreaches, Community projects, Mission teams, and Revival meetings. Each of these will be specific to the community.

3. Continue the process by building long term goals and partnerships. This works best when the local churches, businesses, and government work together.